Sunday, April 24, 2011

Internal professional networks

Two years ago when we started a big technology integration initiative, our technology instructional leader started a Wiki to share ideas and problem solving for the teachers in our district.  It is only available to teachers in our district and was meant as an open forum for all things techy.  Generally, it has been useful to me and I have added things to it as I have navigated through the Hamline courses, but I wonder how many other teachers and used it. 

I realize now, after some reflecting and reading other Tweets and Blogs how helpful a network can be.
As my wise daughter-in-law reminded me, people will be people, they will communicate in the ways that feel natural to them.  I think it is especially important for we teachers to maximize the use of our time by sharing and reaching out to each other.  A network can erase geographical boundaries not only for ourselves but for our students as well.

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