Saturday, April 23, 2011


I have been a member of the Gifted and Talented educators network organized through our local education coop for the last eight years.  We get together every month through the school year and share ideas, new research, interesting projects and generally be a community.  It has been incredible helpful to me.  Because we are specialists we are pretty isolated.  Most of us are the only person in our schools or districts that do the work we do. However a frustration has been communicating with each other between meetings.  For some reason, many of our school email servers block emails that are sent to a list or from certain addresses. So we usually send an email to the coop to be broadcast around to the other GT coordinators.  It is sloppy and slow.  I've been thinking about this and have a couple ideas I'm going to try to work out before my job in this field is completed. 

I considered a community blog but  I think a website that includes a community blog would be the most useful.  It could provide links to competitions and resources as well as a calendar and links to other educational networks.

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