Sunday, April 24, 2011

Professional network continued.

I played around with setting up a website for the Gifted and Talented network and I think it has potential but I have also been investigating  This format might do everything I'm looking for.  It has the advantage of everyone creating the content together and being compatible with Google gadgets.  I don't want to have a site where I am the only administrator.

My job as a GT specialist will be over as of the end of this school year so I won't be a formal member of the network but I would love to have a place I can share the information I have gathered over the years and keep in touch with what is going on in the future.  I believe the future of gifted and talented education is in differentiated classrooms anyway.  As a classroom teacher, ideas and future activities from the GT network will always be relevant.  As they say, if it is good for GT kids it is probably good for all kids. We are getting together as a network in a couple weeks and I would like to present the group with an account and the skeleton of information and then have them share in creating content.  I think it could potentially be very useful as we plan extracurricular activities too.

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